Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Muse's Vacation

If we believe that genius resides outside one's self, and that creativity is not borne within us, but is the combination of some unknown and hard work, my unknown went on vacation without me, and didn't even say goodbye. I hope it's nice wherever she is.

1996 #261-33 Guilin (Li River) luggage porter by Dan Lundberg, CC-BY-SA
But I cannot wait for her. It's inconvenient, but I've decided to ditch her first chance I get, she's been slacking these last few weeks. I'm going to take a vacation as well, and maybe once we're ready, whether on this conteninent or another, we'll look at this lump of clay I've been molding, and we'll decide to be co-workers once more. Perhaps I'll find another, or I'll continue to work as hard as I can and something will click and the luck will be mine and this novel will work again. But either way, I'm going on vacation, since the muse has clearly left the building.

At least I figured it out before I hated myself any more.


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Striking Out

Just about 5 weeks ago, I left home for 7 months in my country of birth, Germany. I had imagined going to France or Holland, possibly going as far as London, but life hasn't been what I expected. Family is different. Germany is not what I remember or imagined.

I've been in the city of Frankfurt, more or less for the past 5 weeks, trying to work on a novel I had only conceptualized a few months ago, and haven't made the progress I want to. I'm close to halfway through the story, and I have an ending in mind; I write consecutively, in a linear fashion if you will.

My trouble at home was the irregularity of my days, work was generally the same, but I lacked the energy to do more than surf the web when I was done for the day. Not too long ago I remember an artist in a movie who lived in a remote cottage in the woods and was reminded of the small studio my family owns out in the wilder parts of West Germany. Not as remote as where Ursula lives, but in terms of making your own day and writing and reading your work out-loud, it suits my purposes a little better - especially since it lacks internet.
Ursula's Cottage - 'Kiki's Delivery Service'
I'm heading out tomorrow, my book blog has suffered from all this moving about, but I'm not entertaining a regular readership just yet and can get away with it. As for what this is, what is a travel blog without travel? I'm a writer and a singer, and while I can afford to travel a bit - think Baltic Sea if Langue-doc is too far or too expensive - my exploration at the moment remains the Germany of my novel, and the woodlands that have inspired it. I can't tell you yet what its like out there, not as well as my family who grew up here can, but I hope that this time away from the city will help me find out where I'm going with all this - blog and life.