Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Muse's Vacation

If we believe that genius resides outside one's self, and that creativity is not borne within us, but is the combination of some unknown and hard work, my unknown went on vacation without me, and didn't even say goodbye. I hope it's nice wherever she is.

1996 #261-33 Guilin (Li River) luggage porter by Dan Lundberg, CC-BY-SA
But I cannot wait for her. It's inconvenient, but I've decided to ditch her first chance I get, she's been slacking these last few weeks. I'm going to take a vacation as well, and maybe once we're ready, whether on this conteninent or another, we'll look at this lump of clay I've been molding, and we'll decide to be co-workers once more. Perhaps I'll find another, or I'll continue to work as hard as I can and something will click and the luck will be mine and this novel will work again. But either way, I'm going on vacation, since the muse has clearly left the building.

At least I figured it out before I hated myself any more.


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