Tuesday, February 2, 2016

January Success and February Goals

I've been planning my life a little better for a year soon, and tracking my finances for a full 'adult' affect, and in January, with the help of Kate Matsudaira's Spark Planner, I wrote almost every day.

I sat down at my desk the first time in 2016 fully intending to write every day this damn year, but it turned into 'god I am too tired' once and 'there is too much in my head, I cannot write' only last night. But I only promised myself January, signed a little contract in the Spark, and did stunningly.

For 30/31 days I worked. There were one or two days where a minute, little more, was all I managed. But on the 31st? I worked for three hours. Days where I managed more than 4 minutes, often were between 40 minutes and just over an hour. I'm happy with that.

February will carry on the good habits, but I won't say 'failure' if I log a little less time. I'm constantly mulling anyway. Have we come to an agreement what parts of working on a story count and don't count? I just don't track some of them.

This month will be all about reintroducing my hand to the movements of a sketch. I'd like to try myself on drawing the way I just forced myself to write. Going through old papers I found some nice sketches that give me the impression as recently as five years ago, I knew what I was doing.

For some comparison, here's some of the better old stuff. I'll post some of the new things I draw on twitter if they're good.

With some hard work, library books, online tutorials and half used sketchbooks, I think I'll be able to do justice and share the illustrations I want to.


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