Saturday, March 12, 2016

Hello, Friends #2

Man, I have not been able to keep on top of my monthly goals. Drawing everyday? Nope. Read 25 pages each night? Not happening. But I want to, I really want to! The only thing I'm keeping up with is writing every day. And that's a lot. I'm really pleased about that.

My drawing efforts from February are not really worth sharing. I did try sketching Hannah John-Kamen's face two different ways (eyeing it vs tracing it) and am actually pleased with how the former came out, though I don't ever want to do tracing again. Eugh. Looking at it a month later though, I'm happy enough to not give up hope entirely. Thought flipping through old sketchbooks is like torture.

The amounts I've been able to write have been staggering, granted its a Killjoys fanfiction, but 36k in as many days is kinda epic. I even went old-school and wrote a drabble for iZombie. It's a little early for me to cry 'victory' but at the very least, crunching with index cards and an outline is worth it for me. I feel like I can fix the problems I had with August's story when I sit down with it again. Working out kinks before I've drafted an entire book is definitely preferable. I spoke a little about where I foresee my new plot going (i.e. back to the original in a basic way) in my amateur-hour outline how-to and imagine having to make cards of what exists and what I want to exist and weed out what scenes I can keep and what I need to scrap.

As soon as I got ahead with Wreckside I've been trying to publish a chapter a week. In fact, having outlined the story as at least fourteen chapters, and being five chapters ahead of publishing, I want to move that up to two updates a week. (Chapter 6 is coming out tomorrow!) I don't have a wide readership with this story, but it's not really a huge fandom to begin with. I can owe a lot of my fast turn-around to the tireless efforts of fellow fans who agreed to read my story and help out as they could.

I haven't written the final chapters of Wreckside yet, but I feel like I can confide in you a secret: using the outlining process and publishing regularly have been a test of my ability to try this on some original fiction. I'm feeling serious about doing a webserial. I tried it back in 2013 and had no outline, too many characters and very little outside interest, so I dropped it. But I have these annoying spirits and the living they interact with stuck in my head now, who don't belong to the greater world that August Waldauer belongs to, so maybe this is a good way to get that story out there. I don't think I could keep myself on the schedule of two chapters a week. I think my goal would be to publish a chapter every two weeks.It would take about a year to publish a 100,000 word story that way, and I may want to get a buffer on it, so I wouldn't be starting for a couple of months.

That brings me to the next bit. I'm lucky that the words are flowing right now, because soon I'll be knee deep in preparations for a stage musical I've been cast in. We go up at the end of May which is a lot sooner than it sounds. I'm not freaking out but I am.

For the time being, my focus is to finish Wreckside. I'm going to worry about the side-stories I've thought up once that's done, but I may put them aside for a while. I mean, I have concerns about the interest a story like mine will hold once Season 2 comes and all my theories are blown out of the water, but I have to be realistic.

After the show, in June, I'll pick up a full schedule of working on August's story as well as beginning work on the webserial, whatever that's going to be. I'm scoping out wattpad as the most likely candidate to distribute my story, and it's part of the reason I'm going with an older demographic story and not my middle-grade fantasy, because I had considered that as well.

If you've read something you like and feel like just buying me a cup of coffee, you can do that now. I've also got two people pledging towards stories on Patreon. Wow! Hey, you, if you're reading this, thank you for your support!

So much for making the release of The Raven King, the final book in Maggie Stiefvater's The Raven Cycle my reward for finishing the current round with my novel. Revising what I have and drafting all the missing bits to match... Little did I know I would find such a knot as this in my plans!

Well, I'll keep you posted.


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